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Building Sector Disputes

Building Discrepancies, Supply’s and Unpaid Work Disputes.


Corporate Small or Large Business Seperation

Maybe you want a business deal to go ahead and want somebody confident to represent your best interest at home or abroad, we accommodate world wide.


Money Disputes

General money disputes in all small, large or personal businesses.


Community Disagreements

We can provide mediation services between two or more people in a community, where a dispute has arose which cannot be rectified by parties involved and may have reached a dangerous and potentially violent level (depending on the situation)


Civil Partnership Seperation

Getting divorced, property and money needs to be divided fairly, we aim to resolve this in a timely manner. Shares, assets and capital needs dividing and nobody can reach a resolution. We aim to fix this stalemate.


20+ Years Experience

We have 20+ years experience in dealing with members of the public and private sector from all walks of life and our goal is to try end all the drama swiftly without anybody feeling hard done by or angry or having (expenses and stress) of arguing in court and making your problem (public knowledge) and most money going to the wrong people.


Inheritance and Will Disputes

Death where properties or assets need to be divided equally amongst family members where the estate is intestacy or in inheritance disputes amongst beneficiaries.


Criminal and Civil Solicitors

We also work with the best criminal and civil solicitors in the country to draw up any agreements and legal paperwork (if needs be).


Accountants and Forensic Accountants

We have the best accountants and forensic accountants incase its a really complicated and tangible scenario (if needed).


NDA Disclosure

We can also add an NDA clause guaranteeing you confidentiality and privacy at every stage of the mediation process.


Security Advice

Businesses with large sums of cash flow. Personal, Institutions, Banks, Post Offices, Casinos, Supermarkets, Shops etc.


5% of all profits per annum go to Temple Street Children's Health Hospital


About Us

Here at Jonathan Gill & Co Mediation and Negotiations we are all about peaceful resolutions. (Non-confrontational) (No drama) (Extremely affordable) (Swift Resolutions)

Chief Negotiator

"Your happiness depends on you"

"Yesterday's negativity may turn into today's positivity"

My name is Jonathan Gill, I would like to tell you a bit about myself and why I've chosen this as a profession.

I have many experiences in life with long drawn-out civil cases, tax cases civil partnership cases of my own and plenty of business deals going correct and wrong through wrong partnerships and bad judgement.

I’ve been negotiating and doing mediations over the last 20 years. And always found a simple coffee with a neutral party is more productive than years and years of paperwork court cases and spending excessive money for the same outcome.

Swiftly with no nonsense to make sure all clients are happy on both sides and also that both sides feel like they are winners in these situations we feel it's most important to resolve quickly and have peace of mind and move on.

"Mediation is 'common sense' not a sign of weakness, says Commerical Courts chief"

"Mr Justice Peter Kelly says mediation is on the rise but still underutilised"

From The Irish Times Mac Cormaic, R. (2013, April 1). Mediation is “common sense” not a sign of weakness, says Commerical Courts chief. The Irish Times.

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